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Cardiff Workshop 16-17 April 2016

This experiential workshop is an extension of the one held in November 2015. It may also be used as a ‘stand-alone’ workshop for new delegates

Saturday 0930 – 1700 Non-Contact Healing

Revision and queries. The Aura. Etheric, Emotional and Mental Bodies. How healing differs in each one. Healing with the major chakras at the 3 levels. Healing with the auric reflexes. Healing on the Crown chakra and beyond.

Sunday 0915 -1700 Distance Healing

The ‘Witness’. Creating a chart. Dowsing and Analysis. Distance Healing of the major chakras at the 3 levels

Please send cheque for £200 (Early Bird before 29 February 2016 – yes it’s a LEAP YEAR!) or £215 (Full fee after 29 February 2016 ) made payable to Dr Marilyn Godfrey (No current provision for online payment as yet.) Please take a copy of your booking form and cheque and retain for your own records.

Send completed application form and cheque  to: Dr Marilyn Godfrey. Highfields 17 Powys Close. Dinas Powys. Vale of Glamorgan  CF64 4LQ 

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Light Touch Reflextherapy (LTR)

This 2 OR 3 day practical Workshop is designed to enable the ‘hands on’ therapist to increase his/her skills in the complex world of reflexology. All delegates must be practising reflexologists or at least have a working knowledge of reflexology theory and practice. The Course will show that by using very gentle touch the therapist can produce homoeostasis quickly and effectively and therefore aid the patient’s self- healing capability at an enhanced rate. We shall try and prove that treatment with reflexology need not be painful or harsh in any way. The accompanying book was published in June 2012.

Topics include

  1. Theory of Reflexes and Acupoints
  2. Initial holds in acute and chronic conditions
  3. Treatment of acute conditions using reflexes and acupoints on the limbs
  4. Analysis of chronic conditions using the heels
  5. Treatment of chronic conditions using the reflected chakras on the feet
  6. Treatment of conditions using the heels
  7. Hands off reflextherapy

Clinical Acupressure in the Treatment of Musculo-Skeletal Conditions

This 3 day Workshop is designed to help the ‘hands on’ health care professional in the treatment of acute and chronic soft tissue and Musculo skeletal conditions by using different types of acupressure. Knowledge of acupressure/acupuncture will be an advantage but not essential. The Workshop is based on my book of the same name. The first day will be spent exploring the theory of ‘energy’ movement and the treatment of acute peripheral joint and muscular conditions. The second/third days will be spent exploring spinal conditions. As with all Workshops, please be prepared to act as models with me and fellow delegates. Most of us have Musculo-skeletal imbalance to some degree and these will be addressed, thus helping the delegate as well as their grateful patients!

Clinical Acupressure in the Treatment of Neurological Conditions

This 2-day Workshop is designed especially for physical therapists involved in the treatment of neurological conditions. Following a power point presentation on basic acupressure theories and techniques this practical workshop will deal with how to use touch therapy in the management of spasm, pain syndromes, assessment and treatment of neurological symptoms.

Healing with the Chakra Energy System

The Chakra Energy System of Healing represents the most powerful and yet most subtle system of ‘hands on’ therapy ever devised. The Major and Minor Centres of energy vortices that were once only used by Eastern Mystics in yoga and meditation may now be used in the balancing of energy and healing of dis-ease by using acupressure, reflextherapy and cranio-sacral therapy theories and practice.

There are 7 Major Chakras or Force Centres situated both on the ventral and dorsal aspects of the body. Each Centre has a link via the subtle bodies towards the spiritual and the physical. Each is represented on the physical body as an acupoint. The Chakras are associated at every level with endocrine glands, nerve plexus, vertebral levels, muscles, internal organs and meridian energy pathways. There are also 21 Minor Chakras that are situated mostly on the peripheral aspects of the body. These lesser Centres are reflected points or pathways of the Major Centres and do not have links with the spiritual. They are, however, very powerful in their own right and can be used with several modalities of touch therapy in balancing the energies, healing and pain relief.

An all-embracing therapy is taught on the Workshop that can be easily learnt and assimilated at any level the practitioner wishes to use because it covers ALL aspects of healing. We cover the treatment of Soft tissue and Sports Injuries, Joint and Spinal Conditions, Adjustments, Circulatory, Urinary, Respiratory, Digestive and Hormonal Imbalance as well as the treatment of Stress and Emotional conditions. The Workshop also includes ‘Listening Posts’ and the Mind/Body relationships of the joints and spine. This is hoped to give the delegate a much more balanced view of the causes of dis-ease. The Workshop is over 2 x two and a half days or 5 continuous days. A book on the topic was published in September 2006.

Therapeutic Dowsing and Distance Healing - My Way!

Topics taught on this 2 day Course will include: - The Dowsing Faculty; The use of a simple pendulum; Practical exercises; Geopathic Stress and Perverse Energy and how they affect health; How to antidote these stresses; Dowsing for Food Allergies; Dowsing for Medical Conditions using a pendulum, fingers and the ‘Listening Posts’ of the Cranial Base and Heels. How to create a chart for dowsing analysis. Distance healing (my way)

Hands-off Healing

This topic has been included as the final day of the Chakra Course for several years, but time constraints has caused it to be rushed through. Several of you have asked for a full day on the subject. The day will include Introduction to the Human Aura; Colour; The Major Chakras and powerful Acupoints; Treatment of stiff joints by building up the auric energy field locally; Working in the Etheric body on the Major and Minor Chakras; Reading the Chakra field using a clock face analogy; Etheric and Emotional Healing. The Workshop is only open to experienced practitioners who have either attended a previous Course or who can prove that they have practical experience of the subject on a regular basis. It is powerful stuff and not to be used lightly!

Workshops for the lay public

I am delighted to give experiential workshops in aspects of naturopathy and reflexology on a self help level. The first of these were held in the Dunvegan area of the Isle of Skye in November/December 2003. In 2013 I have already given 4 illustrated talks to various groups. Please inform me if you wish to attend or if you would like talks held in your area.