28 January 2014

Welcome to my Notices in this new year. As you may have gathered, the blog called 'The Cross Patch' has been discontinued - for the foreseeable future. It was like writing into a black hole, with no feedback at all. So I shall try and have a monthly summary on this page. Here in Skye tomorrow should be dry and sunny!!!!! Yes I can hardly believe I've just typed that phrase. It should be the first day in the last 60 (sixty) when it doesn't rain. The lawns are just a mudbath -not helped by a four legged critter who loves getting wet and dirty. It was a treat to get outside today to start the miriad of jobs in the 'man list book'.

The acupressure/homoeopathy book is coming on apace and should take another month to complete. The hardest part then is to find a publisher - self publishing is sooo expensive. I then turn to the Holistic Spine book - this is a good deal larger and will take most of the year.

I am very busy this Spring in travelling away to conferences and giving seminars - 5 times in 3 months. This year I am attending both AACP and ACPEM conferences in Coventry and Ammerdown respectively. It is 30 years since AACP was formed - wow! We had a struggle to get 50 members in the fiirst two years, now there are over 6,500 members. I guess the main reason for its popularity is that pain relief acupuncture has been scientifically validated - so that's all right then! Also I am giving a days workshop in LTR in the Wirral in April, a 3 day Clinical Acupressure in MSK in Wiltshire in June and for the first time doing a 2 day workshop in Therapeutic Dowsing and Distance Healing, also in June. The latter is being held in a converted chapel (dear to my heart). On the subject of dowsing, my distance healing has been going great guns and has proved both popular and effective. I am 'treating' many more people outside the UK, but this of course can easily be done with this kind of work - a future book beckons.

15 March 2014

The weather continues to be the talking point in Skye. It has rained for 126 out of the last 127 days!!! Everywhere is like a quagmire. Today in the south east of England it is 15 degrees and sunny, here it is blowing a gale force 8 southerly and is wet and cold. I know where I'd rather be though. Better forecast for next week.

A bit of a blow with the new book. It has been refused (no reason given) by Singing Dragon. I am looking at the possibility of putting it on Amazon Kindle and making it a 'e' book. 3 of my others are available on Kindle so why not! I can print out a few copies. I should be writing for another couple of weeks as I have app. 4,000 words still to do. The Holistic Spine book should do much better and I shall try Elsevier again.

I have been underwhelmed by enthusiasm for the Wirral one day workshop on 4 April, even though everyone last time round agreed to attend! So far we have just 6 attending so I just make ends meet with the cost of travel and accommodation. I am though taking advantage of being in the midlands by visiting my 93 year old mum who is in a nursing home - and I may be forced to go and see Chesterfield FC play at home. The Dowsing workshop in June now has 7 and the Acupressure in MSK has 5 - so both should happen! I'll let you know how things go.

18 April 2014

I am writing this on Good Friday, with the sun shining - hoorah! Feeling a little sorry for myself as I have a chest infection, courtesy of being sneezed on on a flight to Manchester 10 days ago - bless them!! Since the last notice I have been 'down south' twice - once to give a LTR workshop in Merseyside, followed by a trip to Derbyshire to see my mum and sisters (plus see my beloved Chesterfield FC play at home). Last weekend I went to the Ammerdown Centre for the ACPEM conference. This was very succesful and it is always a joy to see old colleagues and meet up with like minded individuals. I was appointed President of ACPEM, which is a great honour - I hope to do something positive with the role and for it not to be just a figurehead - having been President of AACP in the late 90's it must be unique in physiotherapy circles - I may well ask those in the know

The MSK Acupressure workshop is definitely ON as there are now enough delegates. Also the Therapeutic Dowsing one has
9 - and counting - so this one takes place. I have also given much thought as to whether or not this will be the last year that I travel to give seminars and lectures - I am finding it difficult to trudge heavy suitcases due to my cervical spondylosis.

10 July 2014

Much has happened since the last entry in April. I have been 'down south' three times - one for a conference and two workshops. The conference was the 30th anniversary of AACP Conference at Coventry. This was great! It was good to see all the old chronies and to chew the fat as to how acupuncture has changed beyond all measure since we started it all off in 1984. I then did a 3 day workshop in Calne, Wiltshire as a CPD one for AACP in MSK Clinical Acupressure. 9 delegates braved this one and it all went very well even though for me it was a double journey from hell - planes late and ensuing trains cancelled! The last workshop before the Summer break was one on Therapeutic Dowsing and Distance Healing at a great venue near Telford in Shropshire. We had 16 on that one and it was very well received - I taught distance healing for the very first time - I think a future book is on the cards as there is not much out there. Now I have a summer break to catch up on the chores around the croft - there is always grass to cut, fencing to mend and bushes to trim - as well as building raised beds, compost boxes and garden seats! - oh yes and visitors well.

On the writing front, due to lack of time this has stalled a little. I have 3 short chapters of the 'Homoeopathy and Acupressure' one to complete before I publish this through Kindle Publishing. The winter will be spent in writing the much longer tome of 'The Holistic Spine - Reflections and Associations'. I shall try and procure a main stream publisher for this one. I also want to completely revamp the Clinical Acupressure ones I wrote 15 years ago - they look very dated now. This will be done as one book. I also want to do something on the minor chakras - so maybe another 5 books in me, who knows.

I have finally decide to stop instigating and organising workshops and seminars - I have done it for 40 years and am finding it more difficult to fix venues, advertise and do all the admin that it creates. It doesn't mean to say that I have stopped teaching altogether - not a bit of it. I hope to go on to well into my 70's (I already have two lectures planned for Spring 2015). If folk want to attend one of my workshops, they should organise it and I just turn up to do it. A free place will be awarded for those of you doing this - it isn't too onerous. Please email me for details if you are interested.

29 September 2014

September has been a busy and 'different' month. I spent almost three weeks in bed with acute sciatica and prolapsed L5-S1 disc. I am now at least up and walking and doing my exercises like a good boy. Pain levels have reduced to being bearable but I have to be careful not to do too much. I have always prided myself that my lumbar spine is strong - I just have a grotty neck and dorsal spine. Teach me to brag! It's weird being on the other side of the treatment couch. Andrea has been a real star in looking after me as well as doing all my usual chores and jobs around the croft.

The other major event was the publication of my new book 'Acupressure and Homoeopathy Combinations in Common Ailments'. This has been quite different to all my previous 7 books. Firstly I have self published it through Amazon Kindle and it is available as an 'e' book to be downloaded onto the Kindle or computer/tablet if Kindle is available - by the way you can download Kindle for free. I have also made it into a PDF file and it is available from me for the same price. If this is a succesful way of publishing I may do it with future books on 'Therapeutic Dowsing and Distance Healing' and 'The Minor and Lesser Chakras'. I am writing '
The 'Holistic Spine - Reflections and Associations' over the winter and am confident of securing a publisher for it. No peace for the you know what!

2 January 2015

Happy New Year to all my readers. I hope that it will be kind to you all. We have just taken down the Christmas decorations for another year so it's full steam ahead for 2015. I'm a great believer in not doing things that the heart isn't into, so, as it was very hard work in writing the Holistic Spine and Skull book, I have decided to set that on one side for the moment and concentrate for the next 3 months or so in writing 2 'e' books on Therapeutic Dowsing and Distance Healing. I think this format is the way to go, although I personally prefer the feel of a hard copy book. We are, though, in the electronic age where books may be obtained and read as downloads much more easily. Writing for Kindle has certainly been a learning curve for me. I shall definitely be writing the Holistic Spine and Skull book but in 3 parts, and as an electronic book. The parts will be 1. Introduction and Cervical 2. Thoracic, Lumbar and Sacral 3. Skull. I shall be giving full details as and when. The poster of The Holistic Spine is available from me as a download.

30 April 2015

As the saying goes -All good things come to an end. I have decided to retire from organizing and initiating workshops and lectures - I've been doing it for 41 years. It is a question of 'spirit willing - flesh weak'. My arthritic spine has worsened so as to make constant travelling a bit of an ordeal. So if you want me to give a workshop in your area - you do the organizing and advertising (I'll pay for it all). Please email or phone in the first instance and we'll take it from there. The other news is that I shall probably be reprinting the Holistic Spine poster - details on the web site later.

I shall not be idle!! The croft keeps me busy over the summer months, then I shall concentrate on writing - I have another 5 books in me that are dying to get into print (or rather the internet). I also spend a good deal of time each week with distance healing
- this has proved to be very rewarding for the recipients. Have  a good summer - JRC