Reflected Energy Pathways - A Practical Workbook for Physical Therapists

Acupressure and Reflexology in the Treatment of Medical Conditions

By John R. Cross Dr. Ac. FCSP MRSH
Illustrated by Donald Budge

ISBN - 978-0-9558345-0-09   March 2008
Published by John Cross Publications


  • Landscape formatted, A4 Workbook, mostly in colour
  • Illustration above shows second imprint cover
  • Gives the reflected points and areas of the FOOT, HAND, FACE, SKULL, EYE, EAR, TEETH, PULSES, ABDOMEN, TORSO, SPINE as well as illustrations showing the CHAPMAN'S REFLEXES, NEUR-VASCULAR REFLEXES, REFLECTED CHAKRAS on the FOOT and HAND, MERIDIANS on the LEG, ARM, FRONT, BACK and FACE and details on how to energy balance through the LAW OF FIVE ELEMENTS.
  • For the very first time ANYWHERE, these reflected energy pathways are shown in a single publication, thus making the task of the physical therapist easier and clearer in the patient's assessment and treatment.
  • This is a UNIQUE publication - it represents the equivalent of up to 35 clinical charts in one easy to use publication
  • Essential practical workbook for Reflexologists, Physical Therapists, Osteopaths, Massage Therapists and all Body Workers..


Text and Colour illustrations of the following: -

Body and Foot Vertical and Horizontal Zones

Parallel Areas of the Joints

Foot Reflexes

Foot and Leg Meridians

Hand Reflexes - 2 types

Hand and Arm Meridians

Meridian End Points

Abdominal Reflex Areas, Alarm Points and Abdominal Meridians

Posterior Trunk Meridians and Spinal Zone Reflexes

Eye and Ear Reflexes

Tongue, Teeth and Pulse Reflexes

Facial Reflexes - 3 types

Facial and Head Meridians

Head and Hand Stress Reflexes

Neuro-Vascular points on the Head

Temporo-Sphenoidal Line

Neuro-Lymphatic (Chapman's) Points and Areas

Reflected Major and Minor Chakras on the Foot and Hand

Law of Five Elements - Energy Balancing


Reflexology has, at its core, the principle of 'reflection', the concept of the microcosm connecting to and mirroring the macrocosm. With this book, Dr. Cross presents nearly 30 charts. His aim is to show these charts together, to provide a reference and workbook 'for the practical physical therapist who uses reflexology in any form. He is a leading teach of light touch reflextherapy. The charts are colourful and clear, drawn from disciplines such as Reflexology, TCM, Ayurveda and Applied Kinesiology..............

........This book will be of particular interest to the multi-disciplinary therapist. With all its complexity, the book remains clear and accessible. It is a delight for anyone intrigued by the reflected energy pathways within the human body.

Angela Sellens Drake MAR

'Reflexions' December 2009


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