Light Touch Reflextherapy

Treatment of Chronic Conditions using the Reflected Major and Minor Chakras on the Feet, Hands, Arms and Legs

I am pleased to announce the publication of a new clinical poster for the use of reflexologists, physiotherapists and all those who practice 'hands - on' subtle energy techniques. It will make a terrific wall poster and will impress your clients as well as providing incredible information to the therapist.

The poster measures 84 x 60cms - A1 size. It is produced on thick laminated paper and is in full colour. All the illustrations are colour co-ordinated. It depicts the following illustrations:-


The cost of each of these unique posters is £11.50 plus £3.45 first class postage and packing (£14.95 total). Payment by cheque, Paypal or Credit Card via the link. There is a reduction for 5 or more. Please enquire for Trade and Overseas enquiries. Cheques should be made payable to John R. Cross and be in Pounds Sterling