I have practised and taught distance analysis and healing for over 30 years as part of the 'whole' picture of treating my patients and clients. As I am now retired from clinical 'hands on' practice, I can concentrate on this side of my work.

What is Distance Analysis? It is a method of ascertaining the cause of why there is imbalance in the body that gives us the symptoms of illness. It is performed by the dowsing faculty (radiesthesthia) using either hair or a photograph (accompanied by a brief medical history and date of birth). By using my own formulated dowsing chart I can work out the aetiology (cause) and treatment required of both physical and emotional illness. Some illnesses are caused by reaction to geopathic stress.

What is Geopathic Stress? People/animals/plants may become affected by any type of geopathic stress caused externally by electrical/electronic radiation, slow running or stagnant water, mining or excavations, telephone masts or other phenomena. They may be affected indoors by television, microwave, flourescent lighting or other electronic/electric gadgetry. Symptoms include catarrh, sinusitis, headaches, migraine, sore throats, aches and pains, hormonal imbalance and generally feeling unwell. If you feel that this may be the cause of imbalance in your system then please send me a plan of your house and surroundings, together with your hair or photograph.

What else can be done? If you feel that you are sensitive or allergic to foods or non foods, I do a full analysis on the hair or photograph (called a 'witness') I receive. I also do a full body scan that gives you a report on the state of your chakra energy system as well as other areas of the body that each chakra is associated with. If you send hair - place a small lock in a small plastic bag with no contaminent.

The fee for a full analysis is 50 paid by either by cheque (made payable to John R. Cross ) or by credit card/Paypal that you can find on this page.

What is Distance Healing? Once again, by using radiesthesia I tune in to the vibration that is causing the energy imbalance within your system. By using focus and intention, the vibration may be altered so as to effect at a distance. Healing (the word means 'to make whole') is effective on anyone in the world. If you think that Distance Healing would be an option for you either at the same time as your analysis or following the report, then please ask. The fee for this is 40 for a total of 5 sessions.

If you feel you could be helped with this service, please email me in the first instance - jrcacupressure@hotmail.com